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Hong Kong Anniversary Carnival
All Star Carnival
Event Details
Asian World-Expo, Hong Kong
6 December 2023
China Mainland
4 Dec Arrive in Shenzhen, check-in hotel
5 Dec Check-out, travel to Hong Kong and visiting Hong Kong headquarters
6 Dec Head to the Hong Kong event venue and concert, then go to Macau to check into the hotel
7 Dec Travel to Macau
8 Dec Check-out, travel to Zhuhai and attend the China Regional Celebration Dinner
Others Country
Attention Overseas Members
Overseas members are only provided with tickets for the Hong Kong Anniversary Carnival Star Concert.
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"To ensure the smooth running of the event, we kindly request a 30 USDT deposit from you. This deposit will be refunded to you after your participation in the event.
Please confirm your intent to participate in the event and make the deposit to ensure we can properly arrange seating and other necessary matters for you.
If you plan to join this exciting event, please complete the payment and confirm your attendance before November 6, 2023. We look forward to meeting you at this special celebration and sharing an unforgettable night together."
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