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How does it take for my funds to arrive after I deposit them?

After confirming your request on Sure9, it takes time for the transaction to be confirmed on the blockchain. The confirmation time varies depending on the blockchain and its current network traffic.

Why Do I Need to Complete Identity Verification?

Sure9 requires users to complete their Identity Verification to increase their account security. Users will be able to make withdrawals once the Identity Verification is completed.

What are network confirmations and what are the minimum confirmations required for Sure9 to unlock my deposit?

Network confirmation refers to the network consensus needed to verify the validity of a transaction. Once verified, the transaction will be included in a block on the blockchain. When you make a deposit, the system will submit it to the rest of the network for confirmation. Your deposit will be successfully credited once the transaction meets the minimum required network confirmation number as stipulated by the Sure9 system. Please note that the minimum requirement is different for each cryptocurrency.

What Can I Do When I Transfer to A Wrong Address?

If you have mistakenly transferred funds to a wrong address, Sure9 is unable to locate the receiver of your funds and provide you with any further assistance. Our system is designed to initiate the transfer process as soon as you click [Confirm] after completing the security verification. Therefore, kindly make sure that you have entered the correct address before transferring to ensure that the funds are sent to the intended address.

What are crypto withdrawal fees?

Withdrawal transactions to crypto addresses outside of Sure9 typically incur a “transaction fee” or “network fee”. This fee is not paid to Sure9 but miners or validators, who are responsible for processing the transactions and securing the respective blockchain network.

Sure9 must pay these fees to miners to ensure that transactions are processed. Since transaction fees are dynamic, you will be charged according to the current network conditions. The fee amount is based on an estimate of the network transaction fees and can fluctuate without notice due to factors such as network congestion. Please check the latest updated fee as listed on each withdrawal page.

Is there a minimum withdrawal amount?

There is a minimum amount for each withdrawal request. If the amount is too little, you won't be able to request for a withdrawal. However, please note that the minimum withdrawal amount and fees can be changed without prior notice due to unforeseeable factors, such as network congestion.

I've made a withdrawal from Sure9 to another exchange platform/wallet, but I haven't received my funds yet. Why?
Transferring funds from your Sure9 account to another exchange platform or wallet involves three steps:
Withdrawal request on Sure9
Blockchain network confirmation
Deposit into the corresponding exchange platform/wallet

Typically, a TxID (Transaction ID) will be generated within 30-60 minutes, indicating that Sure9 has successfully processed the withdrawal transaction. However, it might still take some time for that particular transaction to be confirmed and even longer for the funds to be credited into the destination wallet. The amount of required “network confirmations” varies in different blockchains.

What is KYC?

KYC (Know Your Customer) is a standard operating procedure for financial services which requires users to verify their identity as well as to assess their suitability and the risks involved in order to minimise the risk of their respective account.

Why is KYC important?
Security and compliance: Sure9 strives to provide a secure and compliant trading environment in accordance with regulatory requirements.
Prevent illegal activities: Prevent illegal activities and detect suspicious behavior as early as possible.
Provide enhanced services: Users who have completed individual KYC can have access to our Fiat services and Earn products, and attain higher daily withdrawal limits.
Access exclusive offers: Gain access to exclusive promotions and events, such as Launchpads.
Provide convenience and security: In the event when credentials to access the platform are lost, a KYC-verified account provides a simpler process to help you recover your account.
Which products or services on Sure9 require compulsory individual KYC?

Sure9 requires its users to complete individual KYC before they can access the withdrawal service.

How will my personal information be used?

Sure9 ensures that your personal information will always be encrypted and protected for privacy and security purposes and will strictly be used for the sole purpose of verifying your identity to better serve you. It is neither shared nor repurposed for any marketing purposes.

How long does the KYC verification process take?

Generally, the KYC verification process takes approximately 30 minutes. However, due to the complexity of the information that requires verification, the process may at times take up to 24 hours.

What should I do if the KYC verification process exceeds 24 hours?

If you encounter any issues with KYC verification, kindly contact us by submitting an enquiry to our customer support team. Once you've submitted an enquiry, you'll receive an automated email with the case number stated. The relevant team will reach out to you within one working day.

Can I have multiple KYC verified accounts in Sure9?

{companyname} only allows one account per user to process KYC verification. For security reasons, we are not allowed to transfer or remove personal information from the account.

How many times can I re-verify my KYC verification if it's rejected?

You may attempt to complete the identity verification process up to five times per day. If your application has been denied more than five times within a 24-hour period, please wait for another 24 hours to try again.

Can I amend my KYC's information (Proof of Identity & Proof of Address) after verification?

No KYC information can be amended after verification unless Sure9 requires you to update your information.

What kind of Personal Identification documents are accepted?

Sure9 only accepts documents issued by your country of origin. These include passport, identity card and driving license. Student Visa, Working Visa or Travel Visa are not accepted.

What are common reasons for verification failure?

Here are some of the common reasons why verification may be unsuccessful (not a complete list):

1. The system has detected other verified accounts with the same ID information. Please be informed that {companyname} only allows one account to process verification for each person.

2. Facial recognition failed. Please ensure that your face is at the centre of the frame.

3. ID detection failed. Please ensure that your original ID is clear and visible; overexposure, reflection or an incomplete image may lead to failure.

4. Screenshot/scanned copy is not accepted. Please upload the original document and resubmit.

5. Invalid document. Please resubmit using the supporting documentation guidance displayed on the verification page.

6. Your profile violates theSure9Terms of Service, such as being under the age of 18, or you may be from one of our service restricted countries. Please ensure you've read through our Terms and Conditions.