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Beatdao $10,000 Airdrop bug Fixed and Ready for Claim
Beatdao $10,000 Airdrop bug Fixed and Ready for Claim

Dear BeatDAO Members,


The long-awaited moment is finally here! The $10,000 airdrop reward bug has been fixed, and all members who have previously staked Beat can now claim their $10,000 reward on BeatDAO. The claiming period has been extended until November 20th!


Simply visit the official website at https://beatdao.nl, log in to your account, and Claim $10,000 Airdrop. Your rewards will be deposited into your wallet by airdrop.


We looking forward to see more members participate BeatDAO, and we appreciate your ongoing support. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer service team; we are here to assist you.


Good luck, and enjoy your rewards!


Best regards,